VIP Membership FAQs

Membership Overview

Purchasing one of our VIP Membership packages entitles you to the following benefits:

  • A fixed percentage discount on all rental products
  • An amount of VIP Points (store credit) equal to the purchase cost of your VIP Membership package
  • Free fitting sessions
  • Advance notice of special early-bird offers

For example, our VIP3000 package costs $3,000 and will credit your account with 3,000 VIP Points. The VIP3000 package lasts for six months or until you have used all of your VIP Points—whichever comes first.

How much of a VIP discount will I receive?

Your VIP Membership entitles you to a fixed percentage discount. The level of discount you receive will depend on the membership package you choose at the time of purchase.

The percentage discount will be applied to all rentals but cannot be used to pay for courier charges.

How long will my VIP Membership last?

That will depend on the duration of the VIP Membership package you choose. Typically, this is six months, but other packages with different validity periods may be introduced from time to time.

The expiry date of your existing package can be found by logging in and going to your ‘My Account‘ page then clicking on the ‘My Points’ link.

When will my discount period end?

You will continue to receive discounts on your rentals for the duration of your VIP Membership or until you have redeemed all of your VIP Points—whichever occurs first.

Can I cancel my VIP Membership?

VIP Membership packages are sold for a fixed duration and cannot be cancelled after purchase.

What happens if I purchase and additional membership package?

You can only have one membership package at any one time, but you can choose to renew at any point during your membership. For instance, you might choose to do this because you have insufficient points remaining to complete checkout. Or you may wish to take advantage of the higher discount levels offered by another membership package.

Please be aware that in all cases, your membership period will be reset to the date on which you purchased the new membership and your existing discount level will be replaced by that of the new package. Any points remaining in your balance at the point where you renew your membership will be carried over to the new package.

VIP Points FAQs

Points Overview

Each VIP Membership package comes with an amount of VIP Points equal to the original purchase costs of your chosen package.

VIP Points will be redeemed automatically at checkout. However, the amount of VIP Points in your balance must be greater than 50% of the discounted cart total. If your VIP Points balance is less than 50% of the discounted cart total you will be given three options:

  1. Top-up your points by renewing your VIP Membership package, or
  2. Reduce your discounted cart total by removing some items, or
  3. Leave your remaining VIP Points in your account and pay the full rental cost of the items using your credit card.

What can I spend my VIP Points on?

You can redeem your VIP Points against the rental cost of dresses, jewelry, bags and other accessories.

You cannot use VIP Points to pay for courier charges.

How long do my VIP Points last?

When you purchase a VIP Membership package, points will be credited to your account and will last for the duration of your membership. VIP Points are redeemed automatically each time you make a purchase.

You can check your current VIP Points balance and see your spending record at any time by logging in and visiting your ‘My Account’ page and clicking on the ‘My Points’ link.

What happens if I haven't redeemed all my VIP Points before my VIP Membership expires?

Any unspent VIP Points will stay in your account balance and will not expire. You will still be able to redeem them but you will no longer benefit from the VIP Membership discount or free fitting sessions.


How do I purchase additional VIP Points?

VIP Points are only awarded to customers who purchase one of our VIP Membership packages. So, if you are an existing VIP Member but have redeemed all your VIP Points, or have insufficient VIP Points remaining in your balance to qualify for the VIP discount, you will need renew your VIP Membership.

Please see ‘What happens to my points if I renew my membership early‘, below.


What happens if I'm due a refund?

If for any reason you are entitled to a refund (see our Terms of Service page), in most cases this will be returned to you as store credit and your VIP Points balance will be adjusted accordingly.



What happens to my points if I renew my membership early?

If you need to renew your membership before it is due to expire—for instance, when you have insufficient points remaining to complete checkout, your current balance will be carried over and added to your new points allocation.

Please be aware that your membership period will be reset to the date on which you purchased the new membership.