VIP3000 Membership

"Orig: $3000"

Product Details

This level of VIP Membership will credit your account with 3,000 VIP Points and provide you with a 20% discount on all purchases and free fitting sessions.

Points cannot be used to pay for courier charges or to purchase additional membership packages.

See Membership Terms & Conditions for full details.

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Membership Benefits

Prêt-à-Dress VIP Membership provides a range of exclusive benefits that allow you to save on the cost of designer fashion rental.

Purchasing the VIP3000 Membership package will give you:

  • Unlimited discounts of 20% off all rental products*
  • Free fitting sessions (normally $200)
  • Early notice of special offers

Become a VIP Member now and be the star of every occasion.

* See VIP Membership Terms & Conditions for full details.