“Dress Affair Photoshoot”


Let’s make this summer wonderful!

Get dressed and create your special moments with us.


Rent any dress of your choice and experience a personal photoshoot session with our partner photographer.

Dress Rental Voucher + Photoshoot combined in one of the following amazing prices.

(Limited time offer till August 31, 2020)


Package Price$1,390$1,890$2,890
 1) Photoshoot Session One Hour One Hour One Hour
 2) Professionally Touched-Up Photos 8x Final Photos 12x Final Photos 16x Final Photos
 3) Rental Voucher$600 Credits$1,000 Credits$1,800 Credits


Choose one of the following shooting styles:



VINTAGE VOGUE (Chinese Style)

SASSY STREETS (Streets / Graffiti)

UPTOWN GLAMOUR (Modern Central)


Introduce the Photographer

About Belinda Jiao (@_bjiao__ )

Belinda is an art director and fashion photographer born and raised in Hong Kong. Fascinated by the beauty in combining cityscape, fashion and the human body, her work is characterised by a chic and emotional approach to urban fashion portraiture. With her keen eye for impactful scenes, she captures human subjects at their best moments and attitudes. Together with her technical expertise in working her camera, she provides creative guidance that breathes life into her photos.


For details & session booking, please call 2217 8330 to inquire.